Findlen Reading

The overall point I got from this reading is that art has many connections globally. ON page 3 it says, “each object has its own biography but, taken together, they offer a version of global early modernity.” It made me think of how each object or culture out there is a puzzle piece to the entire puzzle or the globe. Things or artifacts bear so much history in itself. They are so helpful and in understanding history. On page 6 it says, “This singular artifact bears witness to a wide range of human experience…..tangible and concrete.” Without artifacts history misses a higher level of understanding of the thing itself. (pg 15)

This reading also focuses on the idea of materialism or things. It talks about how anthropologists began to rethink how things have meaning and are uses of exchange.

On page 11 it says “the differences between the West and the Rest.” That struck me. Who is “the Rest”? Why is the r on rest capitalized? Is that just another way to say the other?

Hannah VanDyke, Hope College 2017pexels-photo-241886

Image Source: Vedanti


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