Russo 20-39

Elizabeth Stuart, Hope College 2018

Reading through Alessandra Russo’s essay on Artistic Theory in the Wake of the Global Turn, many things come to mind. One thing that I have been aware of, yet never really thought of, is the fact that each general location in the world would have had a specific way to create every type of art. While to us in the modern world it would make sense to have one accepted and defined way on how to paint something like a horse, this was not always the case. Each region would have defined ideas on how the horse should be represented and furthermore, what attributes of a horse were supposed to be focused on.

This essay also talks about how with the advancement of travel and exploration, the spread of art ideas culture to culture was growing rapidly. There was a facination with the temples and layouts of the Mayan’s as well as an incorporation of the mixed medium abilities that the Mayan’s had been using. This desire to share and incorporate others techniques to better ones own art is rather amazing.


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