Pinder 69-118

Elizabeth Stuart, Hope College 2018


In reading Reina Lewis’ essay entitled “Only women should go to Turkey” there are a lot of issues presented that are still very much in effect today. Using the nude models as sexual objects, the double standard that seems to be present about the types of work a person can present, and the idea of the exotic other.

One thing that confused me while reading this is the idea of the “Female Gaze”. I feel that every time I think I understand what this is I am told that I am not quite correct and then my current definition is shifted around until I don’t know what I don’t know about it. As of right now, my understanding of the female gaze is such:

Everyone looks at the world through different lenses. Almost everyone automatically sees the world though the male gaze to begin with, one must train themselves to see with the female gaze. The gaze is a way of interpreting visual information.

Clearly the definition I have is not at all complete and needs more depth. So how does one define the full meaning of the female gaze?


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