“Pretty for a Black girl”

Coming from a high school group of friends that dealt a lot with body image issues, the first chapter The Hottentot and The Prostitute struck home.  For a long time I have been conscious of how women are depicted by society and this chapter really opened my eyes to why we are where we are.  While for the most part today we do not consider black women to be grotesque or part of a freak show, I think society as a whole the idea of  white women having superior beauty still prevails.  Whitening creams are still sold, the sun is avoided, and the beauty of women of color is still qualified.  It is dangerous as white people to erase the past, but I think is of great importance that younger generations are educated about the racism and beauty ideals that our society came from.  Most importantly we must talk about how these old ideas built on physical attributes are wrong.  An ear, butt, or vagina can shows no sexual deviance and the color of ones skin does not make someone primitive.


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