Pinder pg 119-153

In the chapter called Racism, Nationalism, and Nostalgia the third modern cowboy artist mentioned was Schreyvogel. I find it amusing and interesting that he only visited the West briefly. Generally most of his work came from actors and scenes in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Shows when they visited the city. (page 160) That makes me question the accuracy of the art. Was this art actually representational of the time period? Or did he just make up and add to it whatever he wanted. I just think it’s sad how today we think of Native Americans and Cowboys based off of these paintings and art when they might not even be completely accurate. I don’t think that’s fair to the culture or time period. On another page it talks about how they blend truth and myth together. I don’t understand how that’s ok when it comes to history and a culture/time period.

Hannah VanDyke, Hope College 2017


Image Source: Unsplash


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