Patricia Leighten:White peril and L’Art negre, Anna C. Chave: New Encounters with Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Elizabeth Stuart, Hope College 2018

After reading through these two essays I am actually shocked at how much they do not tell students in High School or even in their education. The sheer extent, quantity, and completeness of the brutality that colonial powers exhibited in Africa is overwhelming. This outside of movies is one of the first times that I have encountered information with in-depth detail on the treatment of the people in Africa. I have taken multiple higher level history courses, and never encountered this information to this extent before. I feel like this was the same issue that we had discussed in regards to the Trail of Tears and Americas treatment of the Native Americans. Schools seem to want to gloss over most of the more unpleasant topics. The general system of class seems to be to mention that these events took place in passing, and then to spend a month on WWII.

So how can we as non educators of the youth (except Dr. Kraus) find a way to educate and inform the general public about these events? Is there a way that we can find to integrate this into the school system?




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