Pinder Pg.289- 329

In this reading the main point I gathered came from a paragraph on page 297; “Though Lam’s intentions and his thematic and formal sources are clear, his desire to connect with his African roots is problematic because his experience of Africanicity is so mediated by Western culture…..the problem of authenticity is acute… for a black imagination, whatever his education, Negritude as a dream of homecoming to an Africa of the spirit is an inevitable and natural response to that damage” (Linsley, 297). To me that means that no matter how hard Lam tries to immerse himself in the African culture it will never be truly authentic because he’s gaining such a skewed view of it. It seems there is more depth to it than he can possibly display or image. Is this problem common? Do we have any other examples of this happening?  Was Lam purely interested in the African culture because of the idea of Surrealism in mind and for his Western colleagues or in full focus of the African roots?

Hannah VanDyke, Hope College


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