Artist Basquiat “journeyed into the heart of whiteness.  White territory he named as a savage and brutal place” (hooks, p 346).  As an black artist in a white world, Basquait assumed the role of a white man to enter into high art society.  What intrigued me most was Basquait’s assumption of both a native and nonnative role.  He had “to assume the blackness defined by the white imagination and the blackness that is not unlike the whiteness” (hooks, p 346).

In what ways do blacks in America still have to work to assume the role of their white counterparts and become “acceptably black?”  The repercussions of such a lifestyle wreck havoc on the Other’s innate culture, let alone demonstrate the disrespect whites have for anyone and anything other than, well, white.  The “rules” of success, beauty, etc. that exclude the Other in popular culture are numerous.  How the white world take steps to be a more inclusive society?

Image: preview16.jpg

Michaela Stock, Hope College 2020.


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