“Why have there been no great women artists?”

Lind Nochlin addressed many topics of women in the art world that were relevant in the ‘7os and is still relevant today. When it came to painting/drawing nude models, according to society standards, only males could paint male or female models. The women artists were not allowed to have nude models though. I understand that it was the societal norm but I just don’t see how that’s justifiable. It’s not fair. When it comes to education it’s crucial that men and women get the same chances and experiences. Women should not deprived of these opportunities. I don’t see any legitimate reasoning in this.

Also, she said “Deprived of encouragements, educational facilities, and rewards, it is almost incredible that even a small percentage of women actually sought a profession in the arts.” I feel like this is still happening today. There’s not enough emphasis on education of art. There’s a huge lack of understanding it’s importance. There’s not as much respect given to the art in education. Why is there so much effort given to math classes, but not to art classes? Why is it that people assume and think that an art degree is an easy degree?

Hannah VanDyke, Hope College 2017


Image Source: Una Laurencic


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