Elizabeth Stuart, Hope College 2018

Reading through both the DAPL artists response article and the essay by Jean Fisher solidifies my stance on the DAPL. I have always been against it, but I took the stance of being against it without too much information as to what I was standing against. This indifference that the American government shows about our Native population is actually disgusting. The fact that the Fisher essay was written in the 90’s and it seems that we as a collective whole have learned nothing in regards to our interactions with the people who existed here first? Fisher talks about how the exhibit she helped curate caused people to talk about “their land claim and a cessation of the infringement by oil companies on the disputed territory”. Issues that are still happening over 20 years later.

I think it would be fascinating to look at the art that has been created at Standing Rock since this article was published in November. Lots has happened both politically and socially to spark the creative sense that people have. Through this controversy it is reassuring that the protesters, and the young children have been able to keep up their creative spirit.

With earth day comming up it will be interesting to see how ecoagents respond to and advance this protest.


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