Native American Art

In the reading of “Native American Artists Shift Narrative of Standing Rock Pipeline Protest”, I thought that it was interesting that this photography was so welcomed to the community. She was able to get a unique perspective on this culture. In the history classes we take the only positive memory I have of the Native Americans is when they were kind to the Pilgrims. Other than that I have memories of them depicted in an angry, tribal like way. This has greatly skewed my view of this overall culture.

I also thought that the idea of painting with the kids was a really great idea. It’s basically a form of art therapy. This was so important to hear from the perspective of the children. I think that during these kind of situations the children’s voices usually aren’t heard.

In the Pinder reading, one of the quotes I thought summarized the reading well was, “Historical arts were again hijacked to celebrate settler culture…” The word hijacked is a very fitting term for how they were dealing with the Native American art.

It touched on the idea of exploring and how it differs from discovering. “But it becomes clear that to explore is not to discover the other’s reality.” What is reality for one person is different from another’s reality. The question is how can someone truly discover and understand “the other’s” reality?

Hannah Van Dyke, Hope College 2017


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