GR Art

My class and I had the privilege to look at 2 exhibits in Grand Rapids. Both of the exhibits used a lot of bright colors overall which I enjoyed. The 2 artists I enjoyed was Ai Weiwei and Kehinde Wiley. They both are gutsy and driven artists. Both of the artists use bright colors and have a strong purpose behind their work. These artists really show how powerful art can be.

One of my favorite pieces by Kehinde Wiley was very large. I thought it was so unique that the man he painted was allowed to choose what he wanted to wear. He wanted to capture them “in their self-identified essence.” I find that to be unusual but adds power to the piece. The bright colors, the size and the subject matter all culminate to make this piece one-of-a-kind to me.

My pictures don’t do this art justice. Everyone should go see it for themselves!

Hannah Van Dyke, Hope College 2017



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