“Slaves Waiting For Sale”

In the reading, Slaves Waiting for Sale by Maurie D. McInnis, it’s about the artist Crowe and wait he did in the English art world. Crowe took a unique direction when it came to art and the issue of slavery. He moved from representing figures as objects to humans. “He moved from representing the figures as stock types to creating images of individuals who possessed a depth of feeling and emotion rarely encountered…” Through his art he was able to bring awareness of the slavery happening in America. These paintings are timeless. These paintings represent such a key point in time. It doesn’t matter if there was or wasn’t a lot of action involved in the art, it’s depicting an important perspective of the time period that isn’t usually displayed. His intent in this was “to recreate the network of relationships among people and places; among images and texts; and among those attacking the slave trade, those damaged by it, and those profiting from it.”

Another aspect of his art is that “by studying these images we can more easily understand how images fundamentally shifted the way people grasped slavery.” I think that can connect to so many other issues and topics, even today! The more we see visuals-videos, images of the issues around the world the more we can have more of an understanding and fundamental grasp of what they’re experiencing. Yeah, it’s to a certain level but there’s still power and importance within that.

Hannah Van Dyke, Hope College 2017


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