“New” Jim Crow

Elizabeth Stuart, Hope College 2018

Reading these essays about race sparked the same sense of hopelessness that I feel when learning new information about racial injustice. I have been lucky enough in the fact that almost every academic course I have taken in my college carer (minus the studio classes) I have had at least one segment in the class that focuses solely on race. Race has become this defining issue within America. The uneducated, or less educated members of society seem to believe that if one person of another race is able to succeed like Oprah, or Obama, then this small measure of success makes up for every other injustice that the race has faced in our justice system.

Mass incarceration based more on the guilty parties race has become a norm. The difference it seems if someone convicted of a crime and the severity of the punishment they will receive is solely based on the accused race. We can even look back at the Stanford rape case of last year. If the man had not been a white, college educated, athlete who went to the same school as the judge, and had white parents in positions of some authority, would he have gotten off with as small of a sentence as he did?

Race will continue to be an issue until every single person is actively trying to change their learned prejudice against others.


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