The New Jim Crow

In this reading there were so many lines that I highlighted! There were so many thoughts I agreed with, found new or interesting or just thought it was worded really well! In the beginning on page 21, I found it so relevant that she hit on the two sides or perspectives on the idea of a caste system today. There’s people that believe that the caste system still exists today even years and years after Jim Crow. On the other hand, there’s people that believe that the caste system doesn’t exist anymore and use examples of Obama and Oprah. I really liked that she followed up with this comparison with the statement that “The fact that some African Americans have experienced great success in recent years does not mean that something akin to a racial caste system no longer exists.” Yes, it may not be the exact same way that it was years ago but it could be in a different form today.

In the section of the reading where it focuses on white supremacy, I found it strangely similar in some ways to Hitler. The idea that one race is supreme over all. That thought really ties into her quote “After the death of slavery, the idea of race lived on.”

How do we overcome this view of race? How do we deal with those that are ignorant to the racism that still happens today?


Hannah Van Dyke, Hope College 2017


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